Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wheat among the Weeds

         I realized after the homily that I failed to make a vital connection in the homily. When I mentioned that some commandments may be hard to follow for some, like making it to Mass, this was supposed to set-up another commandment that I was talking about. In the example of making it to Mass I mentioned that some people only come because they are forced into it, and they find it difficult to come. For some they come because they know that it is a commandment and they want to follow the commandments. For some they come because they have a deep connection with God and can experience all of His love in the Mass, particularly in the Eucharist. As you can see from this example there are three different scenarios (and can be countless others as well), but they are all following God's commandments. This is true for other commandments as well, including NFP.
          I mentioned in the homily that it can be hard for some to practice NFP, but it is not hard for everyone to practice it.  What I failed to mention is that it is not hard for everyone to practice NFP, as a matter of fact it is quite easy, at least this is what some told me.  I think the important thing to take away from this homily is that following God's commandments is always worth it. For some doing so may be easier or harder than others, but remember that it is always worth it. God will never steer us wrong, and in following His commandments we can remain His wheat.
     Also, here is a link to the book I referred to in the homily The Sinners Guide to Natural Family Planning. It is worth a read and fairly short as well, so it will not take you very long to read it.