Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baptism of the Lord

Sorry for the delay in posting. You could say that I have been fairly busy this week with funerals and other things that keep a priest busy. However, I also have been busy trying to figure out how to post my homilies on this blog, without any success. So, it is my plan (and we all know that plans can change), to post my Sunday homily on this blog every week, starting with the homily that I gave today for the Baptism of the Lord. As all homilies go, there are always certain things that you wish you could have added, or in some cases taken out, but this is what was preached to the people, and I always pray that it can influence at least one person, and hopefully also influence you.
St John Vianney:
Pray For Us.

The Homily starts around the 17 Second Mark.

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    Can you copy the embed code and post that into your blog? That should put your player right in your blog post