Friday, June 3, 2011

The Time is Now

As many of you know, one of my hobbies is running. I started to do this about two and half years ago, as a way to exercise and lose some weight for the most part. However, running has not always agreed with me, I remember even as a second grader running the mile, and having an extremely bad coughing attack after I was done running, which kept on happening all the way through college. But, over the last two and a half years these attacks have gone away (for the most part), and running has become a staple in my life.
My father, Bernie, also got interested in running as a way to lose weight, and really enjoyed running. It was amazing to see my dad (who was not a small guy) go out for runs, and even run half marathons. As a matter of fact, before he was diagnosed once again with cancer (which eventually took his life), he had registered to run the Twin Cities Marathon, but never was able to complete it. Two of my sisters have ran the Twin Cities Marathon in honor of my dad, and once again it has been amazing to see their dedication to the training program, and seeing them run through many injuries and tears. So, with all of this I would like to announce that I am registered to run in the Twin Cities Marathon this year on October 2, 2011. I have been thinking about this for many years now, and I believe that this is the time to do it. The training has already begun, and I do have a target time that I want to achieve, and let’s just say Oprah’s marathon time better watch out, but the Boston Marathon qualifying time has nothing to worry about. 
One of the things that my dad was always proud of was our Catholic education, and if you take a look at the Twin Cities Marathon, you will also probably realize that it is around the same time as Epiphany’s school marathon which is on October 1, 2011. So, just like when I was in grade school, this year I too will be taking pledges for our school, with the goal of providing tuition for one student and also some other expenses that the child may have (like athletic fees, uniform, etc.). So, the total that I am hoping for is $4,000. I know that this is a lot of money, but it is for a great cause, and something that my father would be proud to be associated with. If you would like to donate what you can do is write out a check to Epiphany School and send it to me. Also, you can send cash, just make sure to include your name in the note and specify that it is for the school marathon. Every little bit will help out.
Also, I have received many comments from people letting me know that they have seen me running around Coon Rapids. If you do see me running don’t be afraid to honk your horn, wave, or even hand me some water (that would be great).  I know that the next 18 weeks are going to be physically challenging, but I think that they will go by a lot easier if I am able to receive some encouragement along the way, so please do not be afraid to honk your horn, I guarantee that it will bring a smile to my face.
Oh yeah, don’t forget to include me in your prayers as well, I know that I’ll need them.
St. Sebastian Patron Saint of Athletes, St. John Bosco Patron of School Children, St. Jude Patron of Lost Causes, pray for me.

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