Friday, October 21, 2011

From Slave to Priest

It’s been awhile since I have recommended a book, but it’s not because I am not reading (although I should read more). One of my favorite things to read about is American history, especially from the Civil War up to World War II. Another favorite subject of mine is anything that has to deal with good examples of people living out their faith in a holy way. I recently finished a book that encompasses both of these things and it is titled From Slave to Priest. This book is an autobiography of Fr. Augustine Tolton.
Fr. Tolton was born as a slave, and went on to become a priest as the title tells us. Tolton was the first black American priest of the United States, and had to endure many trials to become a priest, and even more trials when he became a priest. This book will inspire you to live out your faith in an even greater way, and it will also teach you never to give up on what you think God is calling you towards.
This book will also open your eyes to the discrimination that was not only present in the United States at that time, but also the discrimination that was present in the Church itself. However, there are some great witnesses who supported Fr. Tolton along the way, and of course Fr. Tolton’s own example of perseverance and love of the Church will serve us all well. I recommend this book for everyone, and if you want more information on it here is the link to Amazon where you can find the book description and purchase a copy yourself.

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