Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Three Great Days!!!

What a busy three days it has been. On Saturday we had our first ever Gala and it was a great success. I have never seen Epiphany look as good as it did on Saturday night, so thank you to all who volunteered. Also, a big thanks to Tim and Jayne Taylor who won a day of ice fishing with me.Of course Sunday was great because we had Mass, and also because the Vikings at least made the game entertaining.
Yesterday was also a busy day in which I was able to put up my Nativity set and my Christmas Tree. Also, I took all of the ice fishing equipment out of the closet and have started to organize the gear for the season (which hopefully will begin soon).
This past weekend I preached on how Mark was more than likely the first Gospel writer. However, I failed to mention that this is not certain, but rather a belief by many scholars. I did not intend to say for fact that Mark was the first Gospel writer, but I can realize how it can come off this way. I guess in the big picture the point that I was trying to make was that it should not matter who wrote the first Gospel, because they all speak of Jesus, not themselves, which we are called to do in our lives. If you want to listen to my homily it is right here:

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