Friday, October 26, 2012

Sharing your Faith Story

    If you have yet to read Archbishop Nienstedt's pastoral letter on the new evangelization here is a link to it, I strongly encourage you to read it.
    Here are a couple of recommendations if you decide to post a video response to my challenge. If you could keep it to 3-4 minutes that would be great. I know that is not a long time, but on average that is how long people will probably watch the video (even though the video above is 5 minutes, I wish that it was shorter). The video can be recorded in any quality, just make sure that we can hear you. Also, when you post it to youtube, I will need you to let me know what the link is, so that I can share it with other people. Maybe you are thinking that you do not want to be the only person who posts a video, because you think that would be embarrassing (which it would not), then I recommend that you challenge a friend to make a video as well.
    If you really want to do this and do not have the proper equipment to upload a video, just let me know and I am sure that I can help you out. If you want to you can come to the office and I will even video tape for you and do all of the editing, etc.. So, the only question that remains is if you are actually going to do this or not, my vote is that you do (if you don't who will?).

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