Monday, December 10, 2012

My Prayer for You

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  1. Fr. Alex,

    First and foremost, the relationship between a parent and a child starts with getting to know a new born and continues to develop by building respect over a number of years. Thus, the first part of a relationship is EARNING respect, not demanding it. Through our actions we must show our children how to act and do it with compassion, love and humility.

    Opening up to a child and showing them that we are a human gains more respect than shaming or demanding to be treated like something separate or more holy then the child. We must become vulnerable at times to help them understand that we are not just telling them what to do, but sharing our struggles/weaknesses so they may understand that we are human. Shaming will only lead to destruction. "Abnormal styles of handling shame play an important role in social phobias, eating disorders, domestic violence, substance abuse, road rage, schoolyard and workplace rampages, sexual offenses and a host of other personal and social problems."

    You pointed out the Confessional as if we do not know where it is located. Please consider if this type of tone and communication will draw people to the sacrament or have them running away from sacrament or the Church.

    Walk with us as Christ did and lead us with compassion and love, not shame.

    "The point of this blog is to hopefully help people along with their faith life, while at the same time realizing that we are all human (including priests)."