Friday, January 4, 2013

Time for a new Platform

I was talking to a high school teacher a couple weeks ago and she mentioned that all of her students had started using a program called Prezi instead of PowerPoint, so I started to look into it. I am impressed by it because I can embed it online. So, here is my first presentation with it:

If you are familiar with this program you obviously know how to use it. If not you can either click on the objects, or use the arrows on the bottom of the screen to go from one "slide" to the other. I hope to use this platform in the future mostly for teaching about certain subjects, but first wanted to get the word out again about the book discussion club that we have going on.
By the way here is a link if you want to download a registration form for the Rediscover Catholicism Discussion Club.
Also, please let me know what you think about using Prezi, either by emailing me or writing some things in the comment section.


  1. Fr. Carlson; This is an interesting format for conveying information. So good, I decided to join the Wednesday AM discussion group.

  2. I really enjoy this format for learning. My wife and I also decided to join the Wed.AM group

  3. I'm glad that you both found the format useful. I will look into using it for more presentations. Also, I am glad that you joined the discussion group.