Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thy WIll Be Done

As mentioned in the homily I think that it is a wise idea for people to fill out their Health Care Directives, before they reach a point where they need them. Here is a link to the Minnesota Catholic Health Care Directive website, which has the forms and other resources availible.


  1. Thanks Father Carlson. No such decision was needed in egard to the recent passing of my sister. However, it was good to reflect on the fact that her death was indeed part of God's plan.

  2. Such a great topic. When my step dad was in the hospital, the language the hospital staff used in describing his health was somewhat chilling. They were talking as if he were already dead because of his stroke. Thankfully food and water were not withdrawn. While he did eventually pass away, he wasn't forced to go before God's time.