Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Strength In God

I would like to make a few clarifications to this homily. First off, we do need to have the virtue of hope, and hope is a good thing. The point that I wanted to make is that we also need to have the virtues of faith and charity as well. So, please keep on hoping that we may go to heaven, but we need to do more than just that.
Also, when it comes to discipline, I'm not sure that I got the point out exactly as I wanted (which happens in most homilies). So, I just want to make clear, that God does not only discipline us when we are doing wrong things, but also, he disciplines us as well when we are doing good. God's discipline is done out of love, and in a way to that leads to our purification, even if we are following his will.
We also need to acknowledge that there is still evil in this world, even if we have been freed from original sin. Evil still happens in this world, and things happen that cause us to take a step back and wonder why certain things are happening, 9/11 is an example of this. The victims from this act were not being disciplined from God, but because of someone else's evil choice, they are the one's who suffer. Natural disaster is also not a way in which God disciplines us, nor is it when we lose a loved one, be it a child, a spouse, or a parent. We do not have all the answers here on earth, and many things will remain a mystery, but we do know that God loves us and is with us, even when we are going through a difficult time.  I hope this homily is helpful.

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