Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Beginning

I have no idea why people start blogs, nor do I even know who reads them. However, I have heard that they are quite popular, so after much thought and prayer I have decided to start my own blog. One thing that you will soon realize is that when it comes to writing, it is not my strong suit (you should see my homilies when they are typed out, I am the only one that can understand them). So, what this blog will consist of is my random thoughts and also hopefully some very helpful links. These thoughts will be both about religious matters and also just me talking about myself. It is my hope that this will be an entertaining website that people will find useful and also a way in which we all can grow deeper into the faith.
As you know today is the beginning of Advent, the season of waiting for Christ. During this time of Advent we are called to prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ by focusing on Christ and not ourselves. So, I encourage each of you to make this your goal this Advent, to focus on our relationship with Christ so that we may be ready to receive him. Some ways that we can achieve this goal is by additional prayer, reading a religious book (that focuses on Christ), fasting, and service to others. Let’s make this Advent a season in which we continue to grow in our love for Christ.

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