Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Busy Season

I just took a look at my schedule and realized that I am in the midst of the “busy season” for a priest, which means that there are plenty of penance services. Tomorrow we have our penance service for the school children, and then our huge day of confessions on Thursday. I am also scheduled for other penance services on Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday which is great. That’s right; I said that this is great, because I am able to help people be at peace as they prepare for the coming of Christ.  If it has been a while since you have gone to confession, or there is something seriously weighing on your soul I recommend that you take advantage of this great sacrament. I know that some people are nervous before they go, but there is nothing to be nervous about, the priest will help you out, and you will be at peace when you are done, and there is no better feeling than being at peace.  Here is a link to an examination of conscious to help you prepare. Also, please keep in your prayers all those that have been away from the sacrament for a while, so that they may have the courage to return.

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