Saturday, March 19, 2011

St. Joseph, Husband of the VIrgin Mary

Today is the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Husband of the Virgin Mary and it is one of my favorite days of the year. Of course, one of the reasons why it is my favorite is because St. Joseph’s in West St. Paul is my home parish, but this is not the only reason why. Another reason why it is one of my favorite days is because it always seems to fall in Lent, yet when we celebrate this Mass we sing (or say) the Gloria, which does not even happen for Sundays during Lent. But, the main reason why it is one of my favorite days is because I believe the St. Joseph is undervalued as a Saint in our world. Here is a man who had angels appear to him, and every time he always did what they asked of him. He put all of his trust in God, and did what He willed of him, and this is what we are all called to do. Also, he took on the role of a father to Jesus, and was the husband of Mary, and so for all husbands and fathers out there, he should be your example, always providing for the family, not only physically but also spiritually. If Joseph was not a spiritual man, then he would not have listened to the angels, but he was a spiritual man, and this is what we are called to be.
Of course we know that today is the patronal feast of His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, so we keep him in our prayers today in a special way. However, Joseph is also the Patron of the Universal Church, and so we keep the whole Church in our prayers. On a final note, another reason why I really like this day is because it is a Solemnity during Lent, which means that it frees us from our Lenten resolutions, because as we all know, it is not right to fast on day’s the Lord has given us to celebrate. (Just don’t overdo it).

St. Joseph:
Pray For Us.

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