Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Second Friday Young Adults

    For the past four months or so I have been brainstorming with another individual on how to get young adults involved more in their faith. Although we do not have all the answers, we know that young adults are just not engaged in their faith like they should be, and so one of the solutions that we have came up with is a series of talks that are focused on young adult issues. This is not for Epiphany parishioners only, this is for any young adult (21-39, single or married) who wants to get more engaged in their faith and we hope that people outside of Epiphany will attend.Here is a link to the website for this series, and their is also a link to it in the upper right hand corner. As you can tell from the name we will be having a talk every second Friday of the month. Please join us if you can, and if you do not fit in the age range, make sure to spread it to other people who can and also pray for us young adults, we need it!!!

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