Tuesday, February 28, 2012

40 Long Days

You may be asking why the number 74 is the picture to the left, and that is a very good question. The reason for it is because it is my favorite number, and you will figure out why if you listen to the homily below.
    A couple other points of interests real quick. The first is that this upcoming weekend Fr. Troy Przybilla the vocation director and a native son of Epiphany will be joining us at the 8:45, 10:30, and 5:30 Sunday evening Masses. I'm guessing that he will be preaching on vocations, and I'm sure that he would to see all of you and talk with all of you. Another thing that our parish is doing is the program "called by name" which is inviting people to write down people who they think might be called to the priesthood, religious life, or deacon. If you know of anyone you can fill out the form online right here. For how big this parish is, it would be great if we had more cards filled out then we did last weekend, so pray about it, and then fill out the form.
    Also, I hope that some of you have been using my twitter reflections during Lent. If you have a twitter account it would be great if you followed me. I pray that you are having a great Lent and that the reflections are helping out.
Here is my homily from this past weekend:

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  1. 10 is my lucky number - It pops up everywhere - and mostly unintentional. Its my birthday (10/10) my locker number at work, its in my phone number (2x) 0861031040, my apartment number is 210, and there are a lot more examples. Kinda strange.

    Mike F