Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Repent and believe in the Gospel

Welcome to Lent 2012. I am sure by now that all of you have figured out what you are going to give up, and what you are going to add as well, and this is great. When we take a look at the season of Lent we know that it is a time that we are called to grow closer to God (not only during Lent, but throughout our life). But Lent is a special time to figure out what is distracting us from God and then try to get rid of these distractions.
I am guessing that one of the main distractions for all of us is actually the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and reading blogs. Over the past couple of years I have read news stories of people giving up such social media for Lent, but if you are reading this I guess that you have not given up social media (or if you have and are reading it I am sure that it is for a justified reason). Anyway, I know that it may seem strange to start for Lent, but I am actually going to dive more into social media, mainly through the use of Twitter. You will notice on the right side of this page a scrolling Twitter feed. The intent is that during Lent I will provide a short reflection (140 characters or less). Some days it will be a scripture passage, while other days it may be a link to a reflection, and so on. It is my hope that this will help people have a more spiritual Lent, because let’s be honest, Lent is long, and we need some help to get through it. Speaking of help, Epiphany has put together a spiritual Lenten calendar that has a challenge for every day during Lent, and here is a link to that calendar.
One final thought on the season of Lent; it can be very difficult to give something up, but if we offer it up for something or someone not only does it make it easier, but it also makes it more meaningful. So think of someone who may need the extra help right now, and offer up this Lent for them. Let’s make this season of Lent what it is truly called to be, a time to make ourselves ready to celebrate the paschal mystery even more fully. 

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