Friday, March 8, 2013

First Reflection

This past week I offered my first reflection for a series that I am offering at the parish. Unfortunately on Tuesday morning mother nature decided that it was a great time to snow, so the attendance at the men's sessions was fairly small. However, I have decided to record these reflections and to post them online. I would just like to point out that these reflections are not meant to be official teachings of the Church (although I don't think I say anything controversial in them) and also would like to point out that they are intended for a specific audience of either women or men. So, depending on your gender, please listen to the one for you, and not the other. I hope that some of you get something out of them, and also I hope that some of you can join me for the reflections in person in a couple of weeks where I will take a look at the disciples for the men, and the women of Jerusalem for the women.

Here is the reflection offered for men on Nicodemus:

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And here is the reflection offered for women on the woman at the well:

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If you want to download them you can find them at this site:

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