Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Third Reflection

Below is my final reflection on the series of reflections I have been offering through Lent. This one is essentially me telling the stories of some modern day Saints and offering my own reflections on them. One of the Saints that I referenced was St. Stephen of Hungary and here is a link to the letter that he wrote to his son Emeric which I definitely think is worth a read. Also, a couple of the Saints that I reference in the reflection I learned about from the book "Saintly Women of Modern Times" which is written by Joan Carroll Cruz. She also has books on Saintly Men and Saintly Youth of modern times. The little that I have read of these books I have been impressed with, and highly recommend them to everyone.
It is my hope that these reflections have been helpful to all of you, and that you have been able to see that God choses ordinary men and women to do extraordinary things, and this includes you as well.
Here is the reflection for the men:

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Here is the reflection for the women:

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Here is the website where you can download the audio if you want

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