Thursday, July 28, 2011

Father-Son Events

     I'm sure that some of you know that Fr. Abbott and I have been hosting a night called "Hang out with the Priests" for around 8 months now, and I am excited to announce that this will continue to happen. The night usually includes a dinner (which is provided by Jayne Taylor, and always is delicious), a short talk by Fr. Abbott, and a chance to just hang out with other male youth and their fathers. The night wraps up with the whole group praying night prayer together. It really has been nice getting to know some of the youth and their fathers better, and it is Fr. Abbott's and my hope that the youth enjoy it as well. Just to let you know the night always happens on Friday nights and is for male youth going into 9th grade and above, and their Father's are welcome to come along. The dates for the night so far are August 19, September 16, October 20, November 18, and December 30. For more information please keep your eye on the bulletin, or just ask Fr. Abbott or me about it.
     Talking about fathers and sons there is an event that is only a week away, and that is the Feast of Saint John Vianney, and as many of you know Saint John Vianney is my patron Saint and because of that we have to celebrate.So, Fathers and their sons are invited to spend an evening together in honor of St. John Vianney on Thursday, August 4, beginning with Mass at 6:00, followed by dinner in the meeting rooms, a very short talk about this great saint, and then an opportunity to participate in some fun activities. The point of this night is to have fathers and sons spend time together, and to learn about Saint John Vianney and why he is the patron saint of priests. This event is for male youth of all ages and here is the flyer below:

Patron Saint of Priests

What: Celebration honoring St. John Vianney patron saint of Priests.
Come and enjoy Free Pizza and Pop, fun activities, and a short talk from Fr. Carlson on this great saint.
Who: All male youth of the parish and their Fathers.
When: On the Memorial of St. John Vianney, Thursday August 4th, following the 6:00 PM Mass until 8:00 PM (or there about).
Why: Because St. John Vianney should be celebrated.
Where: Dinner and talk in the Meeting rooms, followed by activities in the Gym or Outside depending on the weather.

If you have any questions please call Fr. Carlson at 763-862-4357.

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