Monday, July 25, 2011

Pearl of Great Price

As mentioned in the video this week is Natural Family Planning Awarness Week, and because of this Fr. Abbott preached all of the Masses about NFP. Here is the website for the USCCB on Natural Family Planning. You should be able to find some resources on NFP here.
All right, wish me luck, I have a 13 mile run in the morning.


  1. Ask Fr. Abbot if he would allow you to post his homily from this Sunday. I thought it was excellent encouragement for other Catholic couples, and it would be great if others had the opportunity to hear it!

  2. I was just looking through some forgotten browser bookmarks, and found your blog. This wasn't a real homily, but it was the right message for me at the right time. Thanks Father. Glad that you were able to travel to the "home office" in Rome. All the best to you and the rest.