Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Experiment

By the way in case you did not see it, I am in the lending library. Alright, let's see those questions down below, and I'll pick one out and hopefully have it answered by next Friday. Also, you can  Email me here or look at the link in the upper right hand corner to find my email, to mail me your questions.
Also, Fr. Abbott informed me last week that this blog has made it mainstream (alright, maybe not mainstream, but is being looked at) because he found a link for this blog on another website. The website is called Minnesota Catholic, and what it does is gather Catholic news throughout the state and puts it on one site. It is a pretty cool sight, and seeing as how they have a link to my blog, I have decided to add a link to their site in the upper right hand corner, and also right here, so take a look.

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  1. Why are some saint's days a feast while others are a memorial or optional memorial? What's the distinction between them? How does the Church determine if a person like Bl. John Paul II should have a feast or memorial?

    Also, I have a prayer card which says that St. Rita's feast day is May 21. However, I looked and she's not on the Church calendar. Why is that?