Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Faithfully Yours: Discover Natural Family Planning

Throughout the year the United States Catholic Council of Bishops (USCCB) has certain awareness weeks (by the way the USCCB is not just made up of Bishops, but is made up of many priests, religious, and mostly lay people who work on the staff). Anyways, some weeks it is vocation awareness week or Catholic Schools week, etc. Well, this week it is Natural Family Planning Awareness week. Maybe you are aware of this because there were some articles in the Catholic Spirit about it, but chances are you read about it and didn’t think much about it. However, when I was reading the Catholic Spirit I was very impressed with an article written by Stacia Poeschl about her and her husband’s experience with practicing NFP. I will not go into the details of the story, but it is definitely worth a read and you can find it right here. The USCCB also has some testimonials from couples about their experience with NFP, and you can find them here.
In all of these stories the thing that seems to be the main message is how NFP has helped the couples fall even more in love with each other, and also how it is not a burden, but rather a gift for their marriage. The reason why this is the week for NFP awareness is because today, July 25th, is the 44th anniversary of Humanae Vitae which articulates Catholic beliefs about sexuality. Also, tomorrow, July 26th, is the memorial of Saint Joachim and Saint Anne, parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary. So, if you have time take a look at some of these articles and also thank God for the gift of human life.

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