Monday, July 16, 2012

Pack Lightly

This past weekend some of my family came out to St. Ambrose for the first time to see the church and also see the rectory, which they were very impressed with. They were also able to go to Mass, and listen to my homily without the people around them knowing who they were. Anyways, at the end of the homily I guess a husband sitting behind them said to his wife that my homily has inspired him to clean the garage. Now this is great, but this should not be the only message from the homily. I also hope that people will be inspired to get rid of any unhealthy attachments that they may have as well. This is a lot harder than cleaning out a garage, but it is definitely worth it. Here is my homily from this past weekend. I have decided to include two different players to play the homily, so hopefully those with Apple products can listen to the homily as well.

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