Monday, July 2, 2012

Just Have Faith

What an awesome Gospel we had this past weekend, all about faith. I misquoted the Scripture passage in my homily at the end, the verse is from Mark 5:36, not Matthew. In case you wanted to listen to my homily about the importance of building up our faith here it is:

As I mentioned at the end of Mass I believe that there are many resources out there for us to build up our faith. As for books of course there is the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The United States Catholic Council of Bishops (USCCB) website just put together the Catechism online, and here is the link to this great resource. I also decided to make a video about some of the print options that we have as resources, so here is that video:

As for websites, there are so many that can help us out in our faith, but here are a couple that I think one should be aware of. I already mentioned the USCCB, but it is worth mentioning again. They have the daily readings available as well as daily reflections on the readings, and you can find them here. Of course the Vatican has a website, and here is that link. However, they also have another website that is meant to be more interactive, and here is the link to that website.

I also recommend a website called Catholics Come Home. This website is meant to inspire Catholics and non-Catholics alike. I have found that they have many resources available, as well as many question and answer sections. They also have some great testimonials of people who have come back to the Catholic Church, which will surely inspire you. 

A website that everyone should have bookmarked is their parish website. Now I still believe in the importance of a bulletin, but more and more the parish website is being used to promote parish events, so it is good to check in at least once a week with the parish website. Of course here is the link to St. Ambrose, now just make sure to bookmark it. Also, if you are part of the great Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis make sure to bookmark the Catholic Spirit Website.

Now there are so many other websites that I could mention, but I think it is worth you exploring on your own. However, I would caution you that there are some websites and blogs out there that tend to promote certain views of the Church Universal which are not actually teachings of the Church. So, just make sure to be careful when you are searching, and make sure that the websites and books that you are looking at stay true to the tradition of the Church.

So the only things for you to do now is to actually go and look up some of these resources and learn more about God. What is greater than this? I would say nothing, because we are learning about a God who loves us and wants to have a relationship with us!!!

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  1. A slightly belated welcome to St. Ambrose!

    As a convert, one of my favorite resources is Catholic Answers Magazine (formerly This Rock) which can be found at